2 acre farm: Market Season is Here... Getting Ready For the First Harvest

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Market Season is Here... Getting Ready For the First Harvest

(Backpost May-7-10) Spring’s here, the last day for frost was May 1st and the 2010 market season has finally arrived! Tomorrow is opening day for Edwardsville’s Goshen Market and this week I've been busy designing and building produce stands, planting more seed, and attempting to keep up with the endless supply of weeds. However, today is Friday and the time has come for our first harvest. We will begin harvesting for the farmer’s market later in the afternoon, waiting as long as possible in order to preserve freshness. Last fall, after we moved to our 2 Acre Farm, we planted a small garden for ourselves which produced so well we were able to sell at the small farmers market here in Carlinville. Since the market was on Wednesday evenings, we had plenty of time in the morning and afternoon to harvest and clean, only to drive a mile up the road and straight to market with produce only a few hours old.

So with only a few hours left before heading outside to harvest we will finish packing up the tent and produce stands (made completely from scrap wood and recycled materials) and tend to all the other last minute preparations!

[Pictured Above] Looking out on the 2 acre farm, the sky has begun to darken with clouds and the wind has picked up.  The forecast called for a slight chance of showers after midnight but with the harvest still several hours away I'm keeping my fingers crossed.



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