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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 Acre Farm on Facebook?

Today, 2 Acre Farm officially joined the Facebook revolution. To visit our page simply scroll down the blog and click on the facebook badge to the left of the screen. We're hopeful that Facebook will provide us the opportunity to reach the local market audience and keep in touch with our customers with quick posts and updates. We've even tossed around the idea of posting a weekly list of produce that will be available at the market on the coming Saturday, however, I'm not too sure I want to add one more thing to do Friday evening after harvesting...we'll see. Another great Facebook feature we're excited to try out is the discussion tab. There's so much to discuss about what's going on with the agricultural world and I think we have a lot to learn by creating a dialogue with our fellow farmers and eco-conscious shoppers.

So, tonight when your checking what Susie had for dinner or how many times Jim tied his shoe, check out 2 Acre Farm. Be sure to add your Facebook page to our News Feed by clicking on the "like" button at the top of the 2 Acre Farm page.

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