2 acre farm: September 2010

2 acre farm

The experiences, trials, and lives on a small farm in rural Illinois.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Spy Something...Orange

The pumpkins have began ripening! It may seem early and this year is earlier than normal but there is no need for concern. Pumpkins are a winter squash and winter squash are famous for their keeping ability. In fact a fully ripe pumpkin can be kept without spoilage for several months in the right conditions. Since the market season ends mid October we planned our plantings so we could begin taking these to market in mid September.

We have a few gourds which include Tiger Stripe, Jack Be Little, and a few others from saved seed that may not be named cultivars. For our pumpkin selection we will have two jack 'o' lantern types which are Howden Field Pumpkin and Cider Jack. In addition, we also grew a French heirloom type that is both extreamly decorative and very tasty. This variety called Cinderella, is named for obvious reasons (we'll be sure to hold some of these back for baby food...more on that later).

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