2 acre farm: October 2009

2 acre farm

The experiences, trials, and lives on a small farm in rural Illinois.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cold Frame

I have been dreaming of a passive solar greenhouse for a while now. I think the idea of a self sustaining greenhouse that would allow me to grow produce through winter would be wonderful. Problem is stuff costs money. So I decided to make a cold frame based on the same principles.

I will be using some old windows, scrap lumber, and left over insulation. I am going to build it at the base of our barn which has a block foundation and wall. I will paint the wall dark and cover it in some solar pool blanket I have access to. This wall and blanket will hopefully absorb and hold enough heat to keep my cold frame/mini greenhouse warm enough to grow greens. We will see. Pictures of the project will be coming as I progress.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quick and Dirty Book Review: Making Your Small Farm Profitable

The book that started it all was without a doubt Making your Small Farm Profitable by Ron Macher. This book is full of detailed information a person needs to know to make it as a small scale farmer. It is also full of
tips, suggestions, and inspiration.
If you're looking for a good read on small scale farming check out this book. I am sure you wont be disappointed.


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally Planted The Garlic

It has been raining nonstop here in Illinois for the past few weeks. I managed to get an additional garden tilled under before it all came but never got a chance to get in my garlic which arrived about two weeks ago.
Finally this past weekend I got it out. I planted five pounds of Music garlic and I can't wait to harvest it. According to the information sent by my supplier I can expect ten pounds for every pound planted. That is quite a return.
I have been desperately trying to write an eHow article on planting garlic but e-how is having all kinds of issues. For now here are some pictures I will be using for the how to.

Update 10/22/09:  My eHow article on planting garlic is up. You can find it here: How to Plant Garlic.

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