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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seeds for 2011

After a long hiatus I am going to try and start writing again. Our store is as settled as I think it will ever be and the planting has begun. So now seems like an excellent time to start writing for 2011.

At this point a good portion of the onions are planted. The problem is "a good portion" leaves me with a few thousand onions to plant. I am trying some new varieties for a yellow this year because 'Mustang' was a flop. It had bad germination and small bulbs which is not an acceptable combo. 'Red Wing' will make a return because it couldn't have performed better with excellent germination rates and an average bulb size of at least a half pound I was happy with it, especially considering our below average growing conditions last season. The new varieties are 'Australian Brown', 'Ailsa Craig', 'Jaune Paille Des Vertus' (I believe that means "straw virtues"), and 'Yellow of Parma'.

So here is everything else in no particular order:

'Big Boston' bib lettuce
'Sweet Chocolate' bell pepper
'Golden King of Siberia' tomato
'Cimmaron' red romaine lettuce
'Ruby Ball' red cabbage
'Deep Purple' carrot
'Red Beard' green onion
'Guardsman' green onion
'Thompson' broccoli
'Schimmeig Stripe' hollow tomato
'Tavor' artichoke
'Pension' roma type bean
'Provider' green bean
'Dragon Tongue' flat purple streaked bean
'Cylindra' long beet
'Kestrel' standard beet
'Touchstone Gold" yellow beet
'Early Wonder Tall Top' beet greens
'Fiesta' broccoli
'Yellowstone' yellow carrot
'Impala' cabbage
'Boulder' iceberg lettuce
Gourmet Lettuce Mix
'Early' jalapeƱo pepper
'Ancho Pablano' pepper
'French Breakfast' radish
'Purple Plum' radish
'Midnight Lightning' zucchini
'Yellow Scallopini' patty pan/scallop squash
'Nutterbutter' butternut squash
'Spaghetti' squash
'Delicata' squash
'Black Cherry' tomato
'Cherokee Purple' tomato
'Crimson Sprinter' tomato
'Purple Top' turnip
"Genovese' basil
'Santo' cilantro
'Italian Flat Leaf' parsley
'Merida' carrot
'Little Finger' eggplant
'California Wonder' bell pepper
'Quadrato D'asti Giallo' bell pepper
'Super Sweet 100' cherry tomato
'Paul Robeson' tomato
'Pink Ponderosa' tomato
'Golden Monarch' tomato
'Pantano Romanesco' tomato
'Tyee' spinach
'Bloomsdale' spinach
'Galilee' Spinach
'Sweet Reba' acorn squash
'Ruby Streaks' mustard
'Lacinato' kale

I am sure I missed a few but that is the majority. Let me know what you think of any of the varieties.

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