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Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Moment of Sunlight

After several (nearly 5) days of rain the sunshine finally broke though the clouds just long enough for us to get outside and soak-up a little dose of vitamin D. So after school my daughter and I decided to take this brief opportunity to create an enclosed terrarium. A terrarium is a self-contained and controlled atmosphere that is created within an enclosed glass or plastic container filled with small plant life. The idea is that once the plants become established they will nearly become self-sufficient (some lasting without watering for months) and create a climate and watering cycle of their own.

During a visit this past weekend with my grandmother, Momadee, we had been given a giant plastic container which she suspected would serve some kind of purpose (she is also the source of the solar blanket used in the tiny-greenhouses). Over the years we have learned to take anything she passes our way, she is perhaps the most resourceful person I have ever known and despite the collection of items sitting in our garage for months even years, we always find a good use! So upon her suggestion, we put the old pretzel container to use and converted it into a terrarium.

Being that this endeavor was quite spontaneous and last minute we used what little resources were readily available, some recycled potting soil and a very old packet of mixed seed. If the project were a little more thought out I would have put some sand or gravel in the bottom for drainage. In addition, I have a feeling that if the seed even survives (it must be 2-3 years old) the flowers will quickly burst towards the top, begging to escape. Ideally, I would have preferred to plant some herbs or smaller greenery.

We shall soon see how this little experiment turns out, but until then... what a great project for a perfect afternoon, in a moment of sunlight!
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